Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recruiting the Pectoralis Minor

Most people know how to recruit the pectoralis major.  In fact, Monday is what most people at the gym call international "chest day."  Some of the best exercises for pectoralis major are chest press, pushups, and cable crossovers.  But do you know how to properly recruit the pectoralis minor?

The pectoralis minor is a smaller muscle beneath the pec major.  While the pec major inserts into the humerus, the pec minor inserts into the scapula or shoulder blade.  Therefore, the two muscles have two different functions.  In order to properly recruit the pec minor, there must be a separation of the shoulder blades or rounding of the back.  Next time you do cable crossovers, try rounding your back at the end of the movement.  This will ensure that you are recruiting your pec major and your pec minor during the same exercise.

Happy lifting :)

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