Monday, January 7, 2013

Fat Loss Tips for 2013

Millions of Americans began a new health and fitness journey on January 1.  We wish everyone luck on their health and fitness goals.  If you can make better activity choices and better food choices, the journey will be successful.

Simple things you can do to add activity to your daily routine:
·         Take the stairs
·         Park far away
·         Walk during your lunch break
·         Walk to check your mail
·         Walk your dog
·        Play outside
·         If you “need” to watch the latest reality show, do some crunches or pushups during commercials.

Making better food choices is almost impossible with all the goodies everywhere; so:

·         Eat at home
·         Eat more fibrous fruits and vegetables
·         Do not leave your home hungry
·         Pack healthy snacks to go just in case
·         Avoid long periods between snacks
·         Drink water with your meals
·         Drink alcohol in moderation if at all

Another important aspect of your journey is your support team.  Surround yourself with friends that have similar goals.  Also write down your goals and share them with some of your friends.  Together, you all will help each other reach your 2013 health and fitness goals!

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