Monday, October 8, 2012

Balance and Stability Training

Balance represents an ability to stabilize and maintain a desired body position.  A balanced body is thought to represent a correct or efficient positioning of a body part or entire body.  Balance training has shown not only to improve balance but also strength.  With improvements in strength come improvements in sports performance.

Furthermore, balance and stability training continues to grow and is a mainstay as a cutting edge method in conditioning and performance training programs.  There are many ways to incorporate balance training into your fitness program.  You can warm up with a few balance movements, use them throughout, and/or finish your workout with them.  Always start with easier movements and progress as your neuromuscular system improves.

Moreover, once the body is properly balanced, movements are more energy efficient, safer, and feel more natural.  Studies have confirmed more muscle activity in more muscles during balance training with equipment such as the Bosu Ball (pictured).  Everyone gets benefits from balance training especially the elderly and those just beginning a fitness program.  It’s not only beneficial to everyone, but it will be a fun way to challenge your body in a different manner.


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