Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Does Honey Help With Allergies?

On my drive to work, I sometimes see road side vendors claiming they have the cure for allergies.  Their signs boast of their honey coming to the rescue of allergy sufferers.  But are their claims true?  I looked deeper into honey and the claims of allergy relief.

The theory behind honey and its allergy relief lies within the bees little feet.  As they fly from flower to flower collecting nectar, they also carry different types of pollen on their limbs.  When they go back to their hives, the pollen is mixed in with the nectar to make honey.

When the beekeeper takes the honey, it has many of the allergens causing problems among the local residents.  It does not have so much as to cause problems but just enough of the allergens for your body to make antibodies.  In theory, one tablespoon of local honey per day will help your body make antibodies to these allergens...very similar to a flu shot.  The trick has to be local honey.  Buying honey manufactured many counties and/or states away may not carry the same pollen causing you problems.  Many people swear by local honey so if you are suffering this may be worth a try :)

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