Monday, March 19, 2012

The Perils of Stress

Stress at work and/or at home causes many problems.  The first thing it does is raise cortisol levels.  Increased cortisol levels will break down protein for energy.  If you have increased stress in your life, then it is most likely that you have lost muscle which will lower your metabolism and lower your energy levels.

Stress also causes emotional eating or sometimes the loss of your appetite.  Neither of those two stressful events are healthy.  Over-eating will cause you to gain weight which will eventually cause more stress.  Losing your appetite will cause weight loss but you may lose too much muscle and have decreased energy levels and a slower metabolism.

One way to battle stress is to confront it head on.  When you are feeling stressed, take a time out from the stressful event and go for a walk or jog.  Many experts agree that light activity will lower stress levels and reverse the effects of stress.  Another way to confront stress is to have healthy foods at your disposal so when you are craving comfort foods, you can turn to fruits and nuts instead.

Speaking of's time to go for a jog :)

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