Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boost Your Metabolism

Many people have decided to lose weight this year.  Most of them have chosen a diet to reach their weight loss goal.  Some have chosen to began an aerobic exercise program.  But if you really want to boost your metabolism and reach your weight loss goal, it's time to incorporate resistance training into your diet and cardio plan.

Resistance training is NOT just for bodybuilders.  Resistance training is for anyone who wants to improve their overall health.  A proper resistance training program will develop muscular strength, improve muscular flexibility, enhance bone health and bone density, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and develop muscular endurance.

As an added bonus, a resistance training program will also boost your metabolism.  It has been well documented that a pound of muscle burns 80 to 100 extra calories per week while a pound of fat only burns 3 to 5 calories per week.  This one pound of muscle will burn over 10 fat pounds per year.  With all the benefits of resistance training, the only question is why more people aren't doing it!

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