Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Caveman Diet

The Caveman diet, also known as the Paleolithic Diet and the Stone Age Diet, is increasing in popularity.  The theory of this diet has to do with toxins; or the avoidance of toxins to be exact.  The main principle is the elimination of GBP (grains, beans, and potatoes) from your diet.  Before they are cooked, these 3 foods are highly toxic and should NOT be eaten.  The Paleo theorists believe that cooking these foods destroys many of the toxins BUT not all of them.

The theory continues that long ago, before there was the invention of fire (thus the name), people did not consume grains, beans, and potatoes because they were filled with toxins.  Since the invention of fire, people have introduced more and more foods into our diet.  Opponents of the diet would say that our body eliminates the toxins that are not destroyed by cooking.

Gimmick or truth?  We don't know for sure but it is a very interesting theory.  I'm sure people lose weight on this diet because it eliminates GBP plus several other "toxic" foods.  The question is....are we really reducing toxins and is it a healthier weight loss than other diets?  It definitely warrants further investigation.

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  1. Hi PFTA, I am an avid follower of the Paleo Diet.

    One aspect of the diet that is important to inspect as well is the insulin-response of food. The benefits of eating Paleo extend beyond the reach of eliminating the "toxic" foods, but also this diet focuses on eating large quantities of high-fiber, low-glycemic, and nutrient-rich foods.