Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Diabetes Will Continue to Rise in Texas

Today, 2.2 million Texans have been diagnosed with Diabetes according to the Texas Health Institute. However, a recent report predicts that the number will reach 8 million by the year 2040 if things don't change for the better. The main reason for the high diabetes rate is "obesity." As the obesity rate continues to rise so will diabetes. In fact, the report predicts that Texans will start developing diabetes at earlier ages.

The report concluded with possible solutions and hope for the future. One of the solutions is to increase physical activity along with physical education in middle schools and high schools. The sooner we get involved with preventative measures, the sooner we can help decrease the number of Texans being diagnosed with diabetes.

At PFTA, we are still hoping to makes positive changes in the world with respect to health and fitness. The staff at PFTA continues to educate and train adults and children alike. The question remains, "will you be part of the solution...or part of the problem?"

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