Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reduce Muscle Damage

A study by Baty et al (2007) concluded that a carbohydrate and protein supplementation before, during, and after your resistance training workout reduced muscle damage more than a placebo alone. Although this study did not show an improvement in performance, it was able to show a decrease in cortisol, creatine kinase, and myoglobin levels in the study group. Also, the study group seemed to have more energy and less muscle soreness 24 hours after the study than the placebo group.

In conclusion, a carbohydrate/protein supplement would be recommended for all athletes looking to reduce muscle soreness. This would reduce the recovery time and allow the athlete to return to training faster.


  1. I know when I started supplementing with a carb/protein drink during and after workouts I noticed I was much stronger the next day in the gym. Soreness was definetly not as noticeable.

  2. When I was preparing for my first Fitness Modeling competition I used 25g Whey Isolate and 15g sugar before and then again after training. It truly sky rocketed my results... I was able to up my performance a good 20%!